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A Valentine gift that keeps on givin ‘er!


This Valentine’s Day make your sweetheart work for your love

Sure there’s chocolates and roses as Valentine gifts but chocolate can make you feel guilty and roses wilt with time. This year, how about a Valentine gift that keeps on givin ‘er!?

Few gifts says I LOVE YOU like the gift of functional fitness. With every drop of his or her sweat, a gift of personal training sessions reminds your sweetheart that you care enough to make them work for your love. Yes, oddly perverse but with a ring of truth. In exchange for their labour, your “sweatheart” will have fun, enjoy challenging whole body functional exercises that will improve strength, muscle tone, endurance, agility and coordination while effectively recruiting and tapping into all three energy systems for an unparalleled boost in metabolism. Imagine their feelings after 10 sessions: you’ve made them work, they’ve gained fitness and learned good body management and exceeded what they thought was their capacity. It may even spark your partner on to bigger challenges that in turn will inspire you. Both you and your sweetheart will enjoy your newfound labour of love long after the Valentine chocolates are gone.

Every Valentine Gift of Personal Training Includes…

  • Consultation and Planning
  • Fitness and Anthropometry Pre-Assessment
  • 10 Personal Training Sessions @ 1.0 hour each
  • Fitness and Anthropometry Post-Assessment
  • Follow-up Consultation




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