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2017 Road & Triathlon Training Camps Update…

NEW SPRING CAMP IN KONA…Been There, Done That!!

Just recently, 10 triathletes and cyclists of all levels and abilities had the opportunity to train in Kona, Hawaii…our 1st time there, and with a resounding success! We will be returning next year and our tentative dates will be Mar 26-30, 2018.

Designed by Andrew Tuovinen and Paul Cross of the Academy (Institute of Higher Stamina), the training camps for 2017 are going to best our best series yet. See below for camp options…

Triathlon & Road Cycling Training Camp KONA: March 29-April 2, 2017


As coaches, we observe our athletes, and deconstruct, analyze and process our coaching strategies regularly to ensure we are practicing good coaching science and staying true to the needs of our athletes.

Consequently, this series of triathlon camps will be somewhat different from our standard mid-winter-through-late-summer camps. In fact, we often see even better results from participants later in the season.

Why do we have this expectation as coaches?

Well, in this year’s camp series, we have attempted to address one of the big, often overlooked and incredibly important performance training themes for endurance athletes with these camps: The principals of periodization through training overload and recovery.

In plain language: by staging the camps, participants will learn “stress and recovery” cycles that ultimately determine overall performance, long-term tolerance to stress and enhanced recovery. We recognize that while most cyclists & triathletes are able to focus and control the smaller, weekly cycles of applied training stress and recovery, it was necessary for an outside agent like the Academy to stage the framework for these larger stress and recovery cycles with ‘bigger miles’ training camps.

In general, triathlon training camps build momentum towards accomplishing goals.

Explained in terms of fitness and preparedness, camps inspire preparatory training in those who plan on attending so they actually start out fitter, and the additional fitness gains from attending camps carries over to entering the competitive season faster, stronger, more resilient and ready. I guess we could add that these camps are an exceptional opportunity to bond through work and play with like-minded people from all walks of life. As a coach at most if not all of these camps over the years, “camp moments” are among my life’s best memories. See for yourself!

Our training camps are a great combination of serious training and serious fun in a very supportive atmosphere. Everyone is welcome but we do recommend that beginners to the sport confer with a club coach to discuss what’s right for you at your current level. The coach to athlete ratio is relatively small so expect lots of personal attention. SPACE IS LIMITED SO CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR OUR REMAINING 2017 CAMPS >>


Here’s some details from our 2017 camps:

Osoyoos Road Cycling Camp  June 1 – 4, 2017

We’ve moved our annual Penticton cycling camp down the road to Osoyoos!   Come join Academy Coaches Paul Cross & Andrew Tuovinen for some of the best riding the Okanagan has to offer. Whether you’re a ‘Roadie’ or a Triathlete, this camp will have you feeling stronger & more confident on the bike. Ride some fantastic routes in this years camp including the legendary “Richter Pass” and the amazingly quiet Lomis Oroville Rd. south of the border. We’ve still got the elements that made our Penticton camp great in the past; safe rides, tasty snacks, hard climbs, and fun descents. As always though; its the people who’ve made this camp really special! We hope hope you will be able to join us this June for an excellent training weekend 🙂

Whistler Long Course Triathlon Camp  June 23, 24 & 25, 2017

Get in on the 5th annual Whistler Long Course Triathlon Camp!    This camp is ideal for athletes racing IronMan or 70.3 Canada Whistler on July 30th, 2017.  The timing of this large training volume is perfect at 5 weeks before race day.  You will receive excellent value by training on the course with support and fine tuning your nutritional and race strategy.  Learn (not just from coaches who’ve guided hundreds of athletes through the IronMan gantlet; and finished on the podium themselves); also from the many triathletes in attendance who are generally eager to swap IM war stories.  Swim in Alta Lake, experience the bike leg first hand and run on the actual course (which has a large number of twists and turns). This is also a great training weekend for any athlete doing long distance triathlon racing during the 2017 season.  Paul and Andrew have been managing endurance training camps for over a decade. We hope this camp will be one of the highlights of your entire season!