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Functional Training Workouts for Small Groups


Group Functional Training Workouts

Functional training workouts with Athletic Endeavours in Vancouver, BC are as practical and beneficial for building musculoskeletal  strength and endurance as it gets.

A challenging functional training workout on many levels: metabolically, musculoskeletally, psychologically, the Functional Strength Training Group class focuses on full body training methodologies and the innovative tools that together push endurance parameters like no other training, building strength and muscular endurance via sequenced high intensity circuits. Imagine the effect of sustained, logically-sequenced, full-body, multi-joint, resistance training on your upcoming season.

Will this be the BIG THING to push you to personal bests? As trainers and coaches we believe emphatically, YES!, it will make a quantum level of difference in your next season. This class is highly recommend for those endurance sport athletes who just aren’t into waiting for the campers to vacate the LifeFitness muscle-isolation equipment at the local gym. This is applied functional fitness training science at it best. Please join us Monday evenings @6pm for this BUDGET FRIENDLY one hour (60 minute) class and add your energy to what will be great class synergy. All levels of endurance athletes are welcome. Equipment will include plyo-benches, stability balls, kettle bells, TRX, BOSU, body weight and good old gravity to take you as far as you’ll want to go. #endeavourtobegreat

How: Drop-in for $25, or buy a 10 class pass for $200

When: Mondays 6:00 – 7:00 pm

Where: Academy Institute of Higher Stamina located @ 4439 West 10th Avenue, Vancouver, BC

Register here. Spaces are limited.


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