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Functional Training for Results in 2017


Go functional training or eventually, sadly, go home!

Try science-based functional training this time around for measurable increases in strength, power and energy-system development. And less chance of falling off your exercise routine.

Men, in particular, starting off the new year off right with visits to their local rock-infused gym, by February often fall victim to the insidiously demotivating effects of monotonous, time-consuming, ineffectual classical training regimes brought on by a well-meaning friend or a magazine article.

From the experience of a long-time personal trainer and coach, a true remedy to prevent this lapse into late-winter doldrums is functional training. A bit dry to say but at a training centre like Executive Lifestyles, a creative trainer’s playground of power and wonder, it’s expressed in hundreds of engaging and challenging, FUNctional exercises that use the entire body and multiple joint systems in athletically meaningful ways. Strengths are discovered and often levered into an activity to express one’s new-found capacity. Many of my personal training clients, often look to triathlon (or individually: running, cycling and swimming) for mid-life athletic challenges, activities to apply their new capacity and strength,

Deficits are unearthed and overcome with tactfully applied, progressive exercises that target the weakness. Balance and coordination are typical weaknesses not addressed by conventional training. Guided and coached functional training can target weaknesses in balance with innumerable engaging and innovative fitness tools at Executive Lifestyles Training Centre.

Whether you are moving to functional training methodologies away from the staid and boring routines of your buddies and brothers, or you’re using functional training as a powerful developmental engine for athletic performance as say a triathlete would, training routines with your trainer (and one your own) become a joy and a challenge, much like a rediscovery of play and the best part – these effects are cumulative. Instead of the normal late February-exercise-quitting-time blues, the functionally trained client is leaner, faster, feeling younger, is modestly surprised at their athleticism, and buoyed by how they earned it with hard and engaging work step-in-step with a trainer. And all those drops of sweat on the floor of the training centre? Each drop, each session: a kiss to your future functional, athletic self!

Best of luck, whatever your athletic endeavours in 2017.

I would love to meet with you to convince you what all those future drops of sweat can mean for your future, capacity, longevity.

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