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Client Testimonials

Goal-oriented, progressive, science-based functional training for every level.

Here’s what clients are saying about Andrew…

I was touched to asked to write the intro for Andrew’s testimonials page. I’m a close friend and long-time observer of Andrew’s personal and professional work, unbiased and objective of course! It is not within Andrew’s character to say much about himself or dwell on his accomplishments. He would rather work with his athletes and clients and share in the warmth of their personal successes. Who knew? ~ client in Vancouver, BC

Athletic Endeavours is an appropriate name for this sole proprietorship – as the name implies, Athletic Endeavours is the sum total of the efforts of Andrew Tuovinen – as mentor, coach and trainer, delivered to a vast array of individuals over the past 18 years. ~ Benny Cifelli

“Andrew Tuovinen is an honorable and respected coach by athletes all over the lower mainland, has been coaching me for the last 2 years. When we first met I was just a novice athlete, and he has been a huge asset to my success in all distances of triathlon including the National Sprint Championships gold medal win in Kelowna, Ironman Canada and qualifying for the World Ironman Championships in Kona. Andrew’s continuous support, positive encouragement, professional advice and knowledge of triathlon qualifies him to be one of the best coaches I have had the privilege of working with. He always knows what is best for his athletes and provides programs which can be easily adapted to suit a busy life and work schedule. He runs a variety of different training camps throughout the year, including one in Penticton, which I owe a great deal of my success to. I will never forget crossing the Ironman Canada finish line in a time of 10:57:34 placing 3rd in my Age Group and qualifying for Kona. It was the result of when commitment, strong coaching and preparation meets opportunity. Andrew is now the reason I truly believe that “ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.” ~  Sarah Brown

“In 2007 I decided to do my first triathlon. As a nurse I work shift work and had always struggled with how and when to train and balance my fatigue, exercise and proper nutrition. I decided to ask Andrew to train me for the triathlon and I’m still doing it! I had some swimming background but had to learn most of the biking and the running from scratch! As my coach Andrew gave me options within my training plan so that I could balance my strange work schedule with my training. In 2009 I went to the Triathlon National Championships, did a best time by 22 minutes and placed 10th in my age group. Thank you Andrew!” ~ Marie Campbell

“Andrew’s thoughtful and heartfelt training method helped me achieve several personal best running times last summer. His approach is malleable enough to adjust to ever changing life priorities yet firm enough to hold the athlete accountable to their goals.” ~ David Marsh

“I came to Coach Andrew from a long-course triathlon background aspiring to short-course success. Andrew designed a training program with workouts that got me to really explore my limits. I was impressed by how much both my confidence and abilities improved. When I returned to long-course racing, I was thrilled to see how his coaching translated into more personal bests. I have joined Andrew at several training camps, where his local knowledge and attention to detail have made the experiences so memorable. What a treat to be able to focus on your training and recovery, while your coach takes care of organizing the ice baths and post-workout nutrition smorgasbord! And the real clincher – Andrew is upbeat, enthusiastic and a fun guy to be around. ” ~  Brenda Lomax

“I got into Triathlons years ago, and didn’t really improve over the years. It wasn’t until last year that Andrew started coaching me that I really started to do well. Since Andrew started coaching me I started getting more podium finishes and even qualified for the Canadian Triathlon Team. His coaching has drastically improved my performance and I look forward to more coaching and learning from Andrew in the coming years” ~ Stan Lorenzo

“Like most triathletes I was training… and training… and training… but without a purpose! After managing to qualify for the World Championships, I decided to get more serious and invest in a coach. I will always remember the most important question Andrew asked me during our initial meeting: “What do you want from me as a coach?”… I told him to keep me honest, structured, and training with a purpose. Simple.We had six months to prepare for Worlds… and with Andrew’s coaching, I not only medalled Bronze at the World Championships (London 2013), but also finished my season as BC Provincial Sprint Distance, Olympic Distance, and Duathlon Champion.I am continually amazed by Andrew’s valuable insights, words of experience, pre-race encouragement, and the personal coaching relationship we have developed. He knows how my body will respond to training better than I do! I would highly recommend Andrew as a coach and am positive that he could help you reach your goals as well.” ~ Lauren Babineau

“I have been training with Andrew for the last 2 years and I often wish I’d had him as a coach from the beginning of my 10 years in running and triathlon. Andrew has coached me for local and international events. With his help, I usually place in the top 3-5 in my age group. When it comes to considering the individual’s coaching needs Andrew is very conscientious and patient. His programs are clearly set out and structured around any races, injuries, vacations, work schedules, etc. that have to be taken into account. I have found that if I just follow “the program” I will succeed. At triathlon group practices, Andrew’s eagle eye seldom misses poor form. I have made huge gains in my swimming, biking and running since being coached by Andrew. He also has such a nice way of critiquing and offering effective advice. The personal training/indoor gym sessions that Andrew offers are not only challenging but also fun! I believe Andrew’s gym sessions compliment and reinforce the cross-training required in triathlon.
I have found that Andrew really cares about his athletes beyond the training sessions. Recently, when I crashed on my bike, he was the first person, after my family, to visit me in hospital. I am by no means one of his fastest or star clients but he makes me feel like one.

Coach Andrew not only talks the talk but he walks the walk. He inspires me with his dedication to his own fitness and training. As a competitor he gives 100% every time.”~ Michele von Beckmann

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