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Introducing Andrew Tuovinen

Competitive Triathlete  |  Triathlon Coach  |  Personal Trainer

Andrew has been involved in multi-sport athletics since he finished his first triathlon in 1986.

From that moment forward, training and racing became an obsession, resulting in many podium performances that continue to this day. Triathlon training and competing had also, by 1997, transitioned naturally into a full-time career as a triathlon coach and personal trainer.

While I was growing up in small town Ontario, my father influenced me greatly to participate in sports at a very early age. My dad was into gymnastics, track and field and hockey. Initially, I became addicted to being outside be it winter or summer. In winter, it was hockey; in the summer, it was whatever I could get my hands on: baseball, basketball, tennis, cycling. This is where my insatiable desire to compete began. I always wanted to be on the winning team. In the early days, hockey was my obsession, whether it was on the ice rink my dad built out in the back yard, or organized hockey. When I reached my early teens though, I discovered running and running fast. Whether it was to complete some insane distance, or to win a track race, I fell for the sport of running hook, line and sinker! Middle distance track racing became my specialty. After high school, I went to Fanshawe Community College to study and work in the fitness industry and at about the same time discovered the weight room and triathlon. At the time, I didn’t recognize that these two disciplines had so many unlimited synchronistic applications to my current career path! I followed my dreams and passions and this is what became of me: personal trainer, triathlon coach, swim/bike/run coach.

In 2003, Andrew created Leading Edge Triathlon Club with the goal of offering multisport athletes a community of a professionally organized and coached triathlon club in Vancouver. Now Andrew has since joined forces with Paul Cross in creating a new team, Academy Triathlon Club.

A New Balance sponsored athlete-ambassador, Andrew’s 18 year coaching carreer has netted many firsts personally and with his athletes. From individual personal bests to World Championship podium wins, Andrew continues to compete at a high level as a 53 year old. In 2013, Andrew netted two bronze medals at the World Masters Athletics Championships in Brazil, a silver medal at the 2014 World Duathlon Championships in Spain, and a silver medal at the 2014 World Triathlon Championships in Edmonton.

Andrew Tuovinen’s goal as a personal trainer and coach is to use the breadth of his education & experiences. From beginner athlete through to the lifetime competitor looking for that elusive win, always staying in stride with his athletes every step of the way, wherever they are in their athletic endeavours.

* NCCP & Triathlon Canada Certified Level 2 Coach  |  * Canfit | * BCRPA Certified Personal Trainer