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Athletic Endeavours provides motivation in the form of additional services to support you as you move towards your goals. Every client loves to see changes in body composition over time – a loss of body fat and an increase in lean, metabolically active tissue is a welcome sight for everyone! What’s more motivating than sailing past your last set of benchmarks in this month’s fitness assessment?

Additional services like fitness assessments, body composition assessments, and functional strength and endurance program design are part of our rock-solid support system at Athletic Endeavours. Improvements in fitness level – muscular strength, endurance and aerobic capacity; and positive changes in body composition are proof that your efforts are working for you. Incremental and often hard to notice, the small daily gains may not seem apparent. But assess these parameters regularly and voilå – real results to complement what your friends have been saying for weeks!

Personalized functional strength and conditioning programs are a great way to set a specific course towards your goals. Each is individually tailored to your capacity, your needs and your goals. Usually spanning eight to ten weeks, a program is like a road map to success: follow it and arrive at your goal.

Together, assessments and programs provide a dual support for building your goals. Assessments help you find out where you are right now, and programs then set a clear and defined trajectory towards attainment. Athletic Endeavours knows client empowerment begins with knowledge, is projected through goals and arrives through plans. Let’s work together to make you the best you can be!

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A Body Composition assessment is about going beyond the scale, which says very little about the nature of body composition changes over time. Using a scale to chart body composition changes is like using a cartoon map to find your way around town. It doesn’t tell you much about the place you’re at and the info it provides is simplistic and distorted. A much better way to get an accurate and undistorted snapshot of your body composition is to gather more and better data than what the scale says. Multiple points of data versus just one. Athletic Endeavours obtains scale weight, measures critical skin folds from around the body, takes specific diameter measurements at various sites around the body, with an option to include photos (pictures “remember” better than one’s memory!)
A fitness assessment is a great way to find out where you are at this moment in time in muscular strength and endurance, aerobic conditioning, and flexibility. Establishing benchmarks is an important first step in setting realistic and attainable goals. For a typical client, there are few things more motivating than discovering that the “improvements” that one “feels” are indeed real. Assessments include muscular strength, endurance, flexibility; aerobic fitness and others.

A functional strength and conditioning program provides a custom-tailored 8-10 week plan of balanced multi-joint exercises using a variety of equipment options to move you decisively towards your goals. You won’t be hammering through multiple sets of bicep curls or wasting your time with triceps kickbacks in any of Athletic Endeavours custom programs. If it ain’t functional, it ain’t worth it – as they say. Be prepared to work, to learn, to be engaged body and mind, and to enjoy the results of thoughtful and deliberate, progressive program design based on a functional training paradigm.