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Personal Training and Coaching

Athletic Endeavour’s Mission

“As your personal trainer and athletic coach, my goal is to to provide you with the very best personalized training and coaching services based upon realistic, mutually set goals designed to maximize your fitness or athletic potential.”

Sounds like a mouthful but it summarizes succinctly what Athletic Endeavours stands for and what I bring to each and every client, each and every session. For more than 17 years, and hundreds of clients later, I can say that I am at the top of my game. The experience that comes from thousands of hours of one-to-one training is the cornerstone of my work and informs this session, the next session and every one after that. The proof is in the results, your results: look in the mirror, step on the scale, put on those pants, run that personal best, cross off that goal from your list and move on. Athletic Endeavours is there every step of the way. I promise.



“Andrew’s thoughtful and heartfelt training method helped me achieve several personal best running times last summer. His approach is malleable enough to adjust to ever changing life priorities yet firm enough to hold the athlete accountable to their goals.” ~ David Marsh